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Userfarm and Poptent create Vizy

Today one of our portfolio companies, the video crowdsourcing platform Userfarm, announced its merger with Poptent to create Vizy, the largest community of professional filmmakers in the world.

Userfarm and Poptent create Vizy

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The two biggest names in video crowdsourcing, Poptent and Userfarm, today announced they have merged to create Vizy, the first truly global resource for brands and agencies wishing to engage digital audiences more effectively through high quality video content.

Poptent, North America’s largest video production creative community, and Userfarm, the largest such community in Europe, have for years been engaged by many of the world’s most successful companies. Together, the two companies now comprise a global repository of nearly 120,000 talented filmmakers including writers, producers, editors, directors and boutique production companies, all intent on connecting brands with their customers in more entertaining and meaningful ways.

“As a single online platform for content creation, Vizy offers a scale, reach and level of diversity suited to even the biggest global brands,” said Nick Pahade, Vizy Chief Executive Officer. “Our community has an amazing capacity to respond with both high-quality production and a broad array of creative ideas. Moreover, our testing and distribution capabilities mean that community-produced Vizy videos reach the right audiences with the right message, quickly and effectively.”

“The merger of Userfarm and Poptent creates a powerful source of brand influence,” noted Bruno Pellegrini, General Manager and European lead. “As an adjunct to more traditional advertising, crowdsourced video can dramatically extend brand messages into thousands of digital and social channels around the world, at comparatively low cost. This is the real value of Vizy.”

Proven Process

Vizy is a marketplace for a wide range of video content creators to connect with brands interested in telling their story in fresh and imaginative ways. Companies and/or agencies initiate the process by submitting a creative brief; the Vizy community then submits ideas in written or video storyboard formats for review. Vizy chooses a range of filmmakers to shoot completed videos based on the best ideas selected by the client.

In addition to content creation and technical campaign management capabilities, Vizy offers performance testing to identify which videos best meet client needs, along with cost-effective distribution options in targeted, high-profile social media channels. Clients receive a large number of creative executions to choose from but only have to pay for the videos they use.

Vizy can also engage its crowd in an open video contest in which creators participate and upload polished videos for client to choose from. This option provides vast quantities of creative content within short production schedules, which is ideal for cost effective social engagement campaigns.

“Saatchi & Saatchi has partnered with Poptent on creative content production across our network. The results have shown how they collaborate with our teams to quickly and effectively produce content,” said Tom Eslinger, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Director of Digital and Social. “With Vizy, we gain greater international and cultural dimensions that will increase our ability to connect our clients with customers through even more targeted content.”

White-Label Solution

Vizy’s performance-based platform is available for white-labeling as a way to turn websites and social channels into creative crowdsourcing platforms. The company supports its white-label solutions with all services necessary to ensure success in video production, testing and distribution.

“Thanks to Userfarm, we have developed our BarillaFactory.com. This is a co-creation platform that engages creatives, filmmakers and designers—well-known and fresh talent throughout the world,” noted Alessio Gianni, Global Digital Marketing & Social Media Director, Barilla. “The platform enables us to tap into creatives with different backgrounds, different cultures and different creative ideas. We have already utilized this powerful platform for one of our Italian projects promoting our sauces. More recently we finished our USA poster design project and a global video contest about diversity. With the birth of Vizy, BarillaFactory now has access to over 120,000 videomakers as well as the added benefit of a solid Vizy team in the USA. It’s great news!”

“Through our partnership with Poptent, InterContinental Hotels were able to create and leverage high volume, cost effective, expandable and campaignable creative concepts for omni-channel use in our flagship Americas region,” stated Thomas Ouellette, Director, Global Brand Management and Strategy, InterContinental Hotels Group. “I have no doubt that a global partnership opportunity is the logical next step—one that can help extend our brands, making them global in reach with regional relevance. ”

Vizy accepts inquiries from both clients and filmmakers. To learn more, or to view case studies involving major brands Beck’s, Black & Decker, Clinique, eBay, Famous Footwear, Hormel, Nespresso, Nokia, Western Union and many others, go to www.vizy.com.

From: http://www.cnbc.com

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