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Persado Raises $30 Million Led by Goldman Sachs

Persado Raises $30 Million Led by Goldman Sachs


Persado Inc. continues its push to automate tasks traditionally done by humans, raising $30 million for software that figures out how to motivate people to buy things in real time. The funding is a Series C round led by Goldman Sachs at a valuation that is tripled since January 2015, which was Persado’s previous round, the company said. All current investors participated. Persado has created software that rapidly considers and tests multiple alternatives in how a compadailystartup_E_20090806101628ny should communicate with a customer or a segment of customers, testing the strength of different phrases, word choices and emotional approaches to get people to take action—answer an email, respond to a text message or click on an ad on Facebook.



The Wall Street Journal

Apr 5, 2016 12:03 pm

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